AX1 Injection Source

AX1 Injection Source for frequency tunable earthing system injection testing.

The AX1 is simply the safest and most effective injection source available.

DID YOU KNOW: Safearth developed the first commercial low-current off-frequency earthing testing equipment back in 1992?

The AX1 represents decades of research, development and field testing of earthing test equipment.

Testing earthing system performance, including touch, step and transferred voltages, has never been more effective. This high power, frequency-selectable injection unit is unmatched in its ability to enable testing of live, energised stations under the most arduous conditions, without having to remove any earthing interconnections.

The AX1 provides highly stable frequency-tunable current for testing EPR, touch/step voltages, grid resistance and fault current distribution.


  • Modern, efficient inverter technology
  • GPS referenced frequency and phase control
  • Highly stable current for reliable test results
  • Stations remain live – no de-energisation required
  • Earthing system remains intact during testing
  • Unsurpassed noise immunity
Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 54 × 44 × 20 cm

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