Who is Safearth?

Safearth has the world’s largest and most experienced team of specialist earthing and lightning protection engineers1.

People choose Safearth instruments because:

  • We invented the earthing test methods commonly used by the industry, and developed our equipment to suit2.
  • Our consultants use and rely on our equipment in the field every day.
  • In Safearth you have a partner that can support you with consulting services, training and software to achieve the best outcomes for you and your business.
Safearth electrical engineering team

More than just products.

We’re a specialist electrical engineering group delivering world-renowned expertise in safe power earthing systems and lightning protection. Our in-house experts provide consulting, training, and software solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Since Safearth was established more than 30 years ago, we’ve designed and tested hundreds of earthing systems for high voltage installations, power utilities, mines, oil and gas sites, as well as other industries. We’re not afraid to tackle electrical engineering challenges outside of our field either. For example, we recently made a significant contribution to the R&D and production of an emergency ICU ventilator for the NSW government.


You face complex demands; complying with safety regulations and mitigating risk while keeping project and maintenance costs down. With more than 30 years of experience, Safearth Consulting offers professional insight to help reach the right solution.

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  • Earthing testing
  • Design services
  • Needs analysis
  • Assessments & audits
  • Incident investigation
  • Asset management
  • Standards & policy
  • Complex problems
Safearth training


Safearth are Australia’s leading provider of training services in the areas of earthing and lightning protection. If you or your team need a better understanding of earthing risk, or need to learn how to design and test earthing systems, then we can assist.

Most of our jobs involve an element of training – we want owners to understand their systems better. We work with clients, not just for them – this always yields better results. We’re open to our clients phoning us up, asking for help or advice.

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Safearth software


Safearth has been developing earthing and lightning protection software programs for many years. Mostly developed to support our consulting services, some software is now being made available commercially.

One such program is Streets Distribution Designer, which allows electrical designers to develop compliant distribution earthing designs in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost as traditional design methods. What’s more, the design is backed by us.

Safearth’s expert development team is also available for custom software development. Contact us for further information.

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safearth power earthing instruments


We know which factors are important in quality instruments and have thoroughly field-tested every device. Safearth instruments are not products of ‘spec sheet’ engineering — they’re based on real world experience.

We understand the gap between prototype devices and commercial products. Our instruments only become fully-fledged products when they’re absolutely ready and reliable. Safearth has a strong focus on iterative development and prototyping, because rapid prototyping and early field testing leads to better, more robust, products.

We’re not just an instrument shop or another instrument supplier. Building a relationship with you is important to us. We can even develop instruments to meet your own particular needs (earthing related or otherwise).

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We couldn’t find the right high-quality products to carry out our work effectively… so we decided to make our own.

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  1. To our knowledge. We’ve worked around the world, and are involved in developing many of the key international earthing and grounding standards and guidelines, including those from IEEE, Cigre, CIRED and others, and we have not become aware of a specialist team quite like Safearth, with more than 25 degree-engineer specialists, and more than 30 years in the business. But if you know one, PLEASE let us know! We certainly don’t want to be making claims that are not accurate.
  2. The two most common and most effective tests on earthing and grounding systems are: 1) The low-current off-power-system-frequency current injection test (CIT), used to simulate an actual earth fault and measure touch and step voltages – developed by Safearth in the early 1990s, including the development of the first purpose-built commercial test equipment; and 2) The ground-referenced, switched DC, low current, 4-wire continuity testing method for testing the integrity of in-service earthing and grounding systems was first made possible with Safearth’s development of purpose-built continuity meters in 1992.